Growing asparagus: 9 useful tips

Growing asparagus requires patience to wait 3 years for the actual harvest, and then continue cultivation for about 10-15 years.

In the meantime, let’s start with a few words:

Asparagus: indicates the cultivation of asparagus as a whole;

Shoot: part that is harvested;

Legs: these are the roots that are planted.


1) For the cultivation of asparagus, soils with good drainage are more suitable. But do not replant them on the same plot;

2) Depending on how and where the asparagus is grown, a different type of asparagus is obtained: if it grows on the surface, there is green asparagus; if it is grown below, then the land is gathered there, there is white asparagus; there is also a third option, with violet asparagus;

3) Towards the end of summer or autumn-winter, depending on your area, work the soil and insert organic fertilizer such as compost or mature manure; especially if necessary, evaluate the use of mineral fertilizers or other elements, for example to add calcium;

4) Prepare the furrow, which is about 30-50 cm wide and about 15-30 cm deep.

5) You can plant your legs between the end of winter and spring, or in autumn, depending on where you live. Between them, leave a space of about 30-40 centimeters. Between the rows, allow a distance of about 1-2 meters, also depending on the type of asparagus you want to grow (more for the white one).

6) An alternative for the start of cultivation, are the seedlings: in principle, put them in the ground between spring and summer, always according to the climate of your area.

5) Every year, more or less towards the end of the winter season, fertilise with organic material such as compost or mature manure;

6) Water, especially when the climate requires it;

7) Free the soil from weeds, even with a hoe;

8) You can also mulch the soil;

9) When are asparagus harvested? Usually, the actual harvesting starts from the third year, with the specific tool. In the second year, you can pick up some shoots, while you don’t have to pick up anything in the first year, compared to when you plant the asparagus.