Growing Calabrian broccoli: 11 useful tips

Cultivating Calabrian broccoli is easy: in the garden you will have a tasty vegetable that, among other properties, seems to have anticancer characteristics, for the colon and the rectum.

It is a variety of broccoli also called Ramoso Calabrese or Verde Calabrese.

It tends to sprout again after the first harvest, can suffer from a climate too cold and there are early, early-medium and late varieties.


1) As a preparation for cultivation, work the soil in depth. At this stage, check if the soil tends to stagnate: to avoid this, you can make raised beds;

2) You can fertilise with organic fertiliser, such as mature manure, but don’t overdo it;

3) To start cultivating Calabrian broccoli, you can do the double step, i.e. sowing in alveolar containers, with a growing moon, and then transplanting, with a waning moon. It starts with the seeds more or less from April/May to June/July. The times vary depending on the climate and the cycle of cultivation (early or late), in principle anticipates if you live in the North. There are also those who sow directly in the soil.

4) On the other hand, it is practical to plant already formed seedlings. The indicative time range is from late winter and spring to late summer (August/September). For both ways of starting the crop, ask where you buy the plants or read the directions, also because the months vary depending on how long it takes for the broccoli to develop (early or late varieties) and when you want to bring them to the table.

5) When you put the plants in the soil, for early varieties you can keep a distance of 30-50 cm between plants and about 50 cm between rows; for late varieties you can increase the space to about 50-70 cm and 60-80 cm respectively;

6) Close to the planting in full earth, water. Then, depending on the season in which you grow them or on the frequency of rainfall, in principle with moderate and regular irrigation.

7) Broccoli care involves weeding;

8) Also, for this reason, you can mulch the ground;

9) When are Calabrian broccoli harvested? When the tops have a certain development, but anyway before they open or before possible frosts.

10) Only cut the head in the middle and leave a part at the base as other side buds will develop. Some people break the leaves, to encourage the emission of other shoots;

11) Once the harvest is complete, remove what remains from the ground: for the next crop, avoid replanting Calabrian broccoli or other vegetables of the same family such as savoy, cauliflower and cabbage in general in the same place.