How to create a beautiful DIY garden: 5 questions to start from scratch

How to create a beautiful DIY garden? In front of the bare ground, we feel disorientated if we want to start from scratch. But you can start to get an idea by answering 5 questions. Of course, the basic rule is to plan, to avoid being forced to uproot plants or see flowers die and, therefore, spend money unnecessarily.


1) Why do you want to design your garden?

Asking for it seems useless, but it can help you to get a first idea: do you just want a beautiful area that restores the view or do you even plan to grow some vegetables? The garden has to protect you from prying eyes, so you need hedges? Or do you want the shade of a pergola with vines or trees? Would you like some fruit too? Do you want a flowery space all year round or do you prefer to see the cycle of the seasons?

2) How much time can or do you want to dedicate to your garden?

This question is very important in order to understand whether you should opt for plants that are easy to grow, do not require much care, or whether you should provide costs for the automated irrigation system or for the services of a gardener who at least periodically takes care of your greenery.

3) Which flowers and plants do you like?

Here perhaps comes the most beautiful part of creating a beautiful DIY garden. If you already have favourite green friends, you have an easy time, but you can also start with the colours that inspire you most; play with combinations, starting with the combination of high and low flowers; have a look at the plants with decorative leaves.

4) Do you know what you want to plant?

On the other hand, to design our garden, we must also deal with the needs of our green friends, to avoid treating them in the wrong way and see them perish. So, at the same time, look for and ask for information on how much you would like to plant, to assess whether you can actually insert it in your little kingdom sees or not.

5) What are the characteristics of your garden?

The question is closely related to the previous one: to make your garden from scratch and decide in which areas to plant which flowers, you must also know the characteristics of the soil such as ph; know if the water drains well; have a picture of exposure and temperatures, or areas with more or less sunshine and any air currents; consider any frosts that could damage or die some plants.