How to get a green thumb: 3 things to start with

How do you get a green thumb? You ask yourself, discouraged, in front of the umpteenth wilted plant or you would like to have a flowery corner and devote yourself to gardening, but you don’t feel able or don’t know how to take care of flowers and plants.

Here, then, are 3 things to start from if you are a beginner and the plants, with you, are at risk!


You like beautiful flowers that, however, maybe require a lot of care or have delicate needs, such as gardenia or fuchsia. Therefore, at least for your first purchases, start with plants that are easy to grow and which are very beautiful, such as pothos, lavender or geraniums.


You’re probably thinking it’s a given: the plants have to be watered. But in addition to watering them to keep them from withering, you also have to think about the opposite danger, that of drowning your green friends.

In this sense, especially for plants that require it, make sure that the soil has good drainage or that it does not encourage stagnation of water. It is these, in fact, that can rot or even die many specimens.

Usually, if it is possible for the plant you decide to take, the river sand is mixed with the soil or, in the pots, a layer is created with the expanded clay before inserting the soil.

On the other hand, there is also another aspect to consider: the quality or composition of the water, because, for example, for plants that love acid soil, limestone water can be harmful. For this reason, either you leave it one day in a container before using it or you take the rainwater directly.

In general, another option is hydroponics, water cultivation (read more here).


In addition to questions about water, also ask yourself how much sun your plant wants, if it is better, instead, to leave it in the shade, when and how to fertilize it and so on. In short, be curious and try to understand what that specific specimen needs.

Different plants and flowers, in fact, may require different operations and care: to get an idea and find the information you need, click here and explore our section dedicated to gardening.