How to remove black aphids from plants: 7 home remedies

How to eliminate black aphids from plants? Try the home remedies or natural remedies or grandmother’s remedies, to fight these pests or to prevent them, in the garden, in the garden and on the balcony.

Also known as plant lice, aphids can attack different types of crops, such as vegetables, plants and fruit trees, ornamental plants, flowers.

Depending on the species, they have different colours and can attack different plants. Black aphids, among other things, can affect legumes such as beans (aphis fabae) and fruit plants (toxoptera aurantii). They weaken the plants and dry and curl the leaves.


1) Spray water on aphids, early in the morning;

2) Eliminate the part of the plant affected or remove the specimen attacked by the lice;

3) Place near the plants that remove these parasites for their smell, such as marigolds, garlic, oregano, onions;

4) Make a mulch with a silvery or reflective material: the reflection tends to move away the aphids;

5) Treat the plant with wood ash;

6) Put a sprinkling of flour on the plant.

7) Make appropriate use of insects that feed on aphids such as ladybugs.

These are some home and natural remedies to eliminate and combat black aphids from plants.

Obviously, for each solution, VALUTE IF IT IS COMPATIBLE with the plant affected by lice; you can also TEST it on a small portion.

In addition, there are specific products on the market, but informed about the deleterious effects that can have on plants and other beneficial insects.