How To Remove Lice From Roses: 5 Home Remedies

How do I get rid of lice from roses? Small pests infest the flowers, where they are usually present in colonies. These are aphids, insects that can have different colours and be green, reddish, pink, brown, black.

Let’s explore how to fight them with home remedies that you can apply starting from what you already have at home.

The first step to eliminate them is to recognize and detect them, so do a periodic check, even under the leaves and buds, especially from spring to autumn, to see if the small animals are there or if there is a sticky substance (the honeydew they produce).

Generally, rose lice can have minimal consequences on these flowers, but if there are many, they can weaken the buds and distort the leaves.


1) Let’s start with an easy DIY remedy. Get a well-cleaned spray and fill it with water, so spray the infested parts. You can help yourself with a napkin to remove aphids from roses.

2) A grandmother’s remedy is to use Marseille soap or homemade soap. Make a few chips from the large piece and let them dissolve in the water. Also in this case, pour the DIY mixture into the sprayer and vaporize to eliminate the aphids of the roses.

3) Another way to remove lice from roses is to directly remove the portion on which they are and remove it from the rose garden.

4) Some people remove aphids manually.

5) To fight aphids upstream by limiting them, pay attention to the fertilizers you use: if there is too much nitrogen, feed the lice of the roses.

Obviously, in addition to these home remedies, there are special products on the market, even for eggs. If you consider this option, first check the harmful effects that insecticides can have and still do not use them on blossoming roses because you could damage pollinating insects.